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We started LotNova on the principle that if we make it easy for you to sell new construction, we’ll have the opportunity for unimagined success.  Our entire business is structured to be an extension to your team –  we are your experts in new construction.

To that end, we provide an entirely new way for you to market and sell vacant land and tear down properties, and an unbelievable set of new tools to help you work with buyers to identify the perfect new construction home in the most desirable location.

89% of buyers consider new construction, but only 13.6% buy.  We understand that location, “cookie cutter” plans, fear of the unknown, and price are major factors for those that don’t purchase new.  The LotNova platform addresses these major concerns and makes selling new construction easier than ever before.  As agents, that means you have an opportunity for a larger sale on 75% of all prospective buyers.

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