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We started LotNova on the principle that if we make it easy for you to sell new construction, we’ll have the opportunity for unimagined success.  Our entire business is structured to be an extension to your team –  we are your experts in new construction.

To that end, we provide an entirely new way for you to market and sell vacant land and tear down properties, and an unbelievable set of new tools to help you work with buyers to identify the perfect new construction home in the most desirable location.

89% of buyers consider new construction, but only 13.6% buy.  We understand that location, “cookie cutter” plans, fear of the unknown, and price are major factors for those that don’t purchase new.  The LotNova platform addresses these major concerns and makes selling new construction easier than ever before.  As agents, that means you have an opportunity for a larger sale on 75% of all prospective buyers.

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Benefits for Agents

Thousands of Options You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.  Transform vacant/ tear down listings into real options for new construction for your potential homebuyers.  Our system shows active listings, matching home plans, and price to build.

Proposed New Construction Listings. Choose a Plan and Create a Proposed Build to showcase on LotNova and list on the MLS

Covered by a Listing Agreement. We understand that the listing agreement is one of the most important documents in your business.   We sign listing agreements for the new construction price of Proposed Builds that you create in our system.

Exclusivity on Proposed Builds. When you create a Proposed Build for a new construction home on your listing, we generate a landing page that hides other land listings and removes other agents from your listing

Get Social.  Social Media integration creates professionally formatted social sharing on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Support for Your Collateral.  Once you create a Proposed Build for your listing, we provide everything you need to deliver professional quality marketing collateral to your prospective buyers – images, feature sheets, plan details, and more!

Find an Agent.  Registered Agents in our system are included in the Find an Agent Directory.

Local Agents.  All Potential Home Site listings include the contact information for the listing agent, and 3 local agents.   Set up an agent account (for free) and start showing up on listings in your markets.

Commissions for Buyer’s Agents.  If you are the buyer’s agent we’ll pay a commission on any sale you make through our system.  It’s easy to give your buyers a concierge level service while making a larger sale and more commissions.

Commissions for Seller’s Agents.  Seller’s agents who create a Proposed Build on an active MLS listing in our system earn commissions on the new construction portion of the sale.  We’ll sign a listing agreement covering the new construction portion of the sale.

LotNova is a Sales Framework for Agents.  We’ve developed LotNova as a sales methodology to help both buyer’s agents and seller’s agents transform potential home building sites into a buyer’s personal masterpiece.  The process is designed to help you close new business with potential buyers and sellers.

World Class Sales Support.  Our philosophy is that real estate agents are our direct sales force, and we’re their new construction sales support system.   We’ll provide one-on-one sales strategy, client support, objection handling, negotiation, and other support

Boots on the Ground.  We’re available to meet with your potential buyers to help them evaluate new construction, become confident in our homebuilding process and to help you close the sale.

New Home Shopping the Easy Way.  Our technology makes it easier than ever for a homebuyer to choose their favorite home plan and the ideal place to build it.  We’ve taken a complex process and made it easy, transparent, and transactional.

Grounded in Best Practices.  Our company has developed and refined best practices developed to manage risk, simplify new construction homebuying, ensure the highest quality home, and deliver the best value to your homebuyer.


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