High End Residential Architect David Neff Partners with LotNova

JULY 8, 2020

High End residential architect David Neff joins the LotNova platform, offering a portfolio of new construction home plans to potential home buyers.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, David Neff is a licensed architect with a portfolio of home plans that are sophisticated in style and functional in design.

David studied art history and studio art at Williams College, where he won the Bruce Sanderson Prize in Architecture. In 2001, he received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia, a program recognized for its focus on site planning and integration of building and landscape.

In 2008, after a decade working for high-end residential firms in Connecticut and New York, David launched his own firm on a full-time basis. His first new house project was featured in Traditional Home’s April 2009 issue, which profiled the “most sophisticated, young, traditional stylemakers nationwide.”

Partnering with LotNova will allow potential homebuyers match up the plans offered by David Neff with potential building sites. Users can hire LotNova to build the home or purchase the home plan directly from the LotNova site. Potential homebuyers can request customizations to the plan directly through the LotNova platform as well.

One of the cornerstones of the LotNova business model is to offer a highly curated portfolio of home plans for prospective homebuyers. “We don’t want 30,000 plans. Just the best of the best.”

About David Neff
David Neff is a licensed architect who specializes in new home constructions and renovations.  David currently has several renovations and new homes under construction in Connecticut and New York.


About LotNova
LotNova is a new construction sales platform that helps buyers choose their dream home and build it in the perfect location. We’re the world’s first matching engine between home plans and active real estate listings. We’re changing the homebuilding industry by making it easier than ever to build the home of your dreams, in the community of your choice.

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