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LotNova Named Leading Innovators in New Home Construction by Build Magazine

MARCH 26, 2021

Chicago, IL – Startup homebuilding platform LotNova was recognized by Build Magazine as the Leading Innovator in New Construction in the United States.

By matching new construction home plans with the places they can built, LotNova lets homebuyers explore THOUSANDS of new construction options.  Buyers can start with either the city they want to move to or a home plan they like, quickly identify matching listings, and get package pricing for a fully specified new construction home including the lot.

“We’ve really taken a different approach to the process of finding, buying, and building a new construction home”, said David Munaretto, Founder & CEO of LotNova.  “The vast majority of homebuyers prefer new construction but settle because there are simply too many friction points. We’ve created a simple, transparent, and comfortable approach to purchasing a new construction home.”

About Build Magazine

BUILD magazine is a quarterly digital publication dedicated to the construction and property markets.  Each quarter BUILD magazine brings to its readers the need-to-know news and updates from the world of construction & engineering, property, architecture & design as well as the latest insights regarding sustainability and infrastructure. Each issue looks to showcase some of the most innovative leaders, creative brands and dedicated firms shaping the industry today.

About LotNova

LotNova is an online new construction home shopping platform, that makes it easy to find, buy, and build your dream home.  We’re the world’s first matching engine between new construction home plans and the places they can be built.  We’re disrupting the home building industry by giving homebuyers more choice, comfort, and control when choosing to build a new construction home.


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